Sony PMW-EX3 XDCam Solid State Camcorder
3 - 32Gb SxS Cards
(330 min. total record time)
Rode NTG-1 Camera Mic
ShadeFX Matte Box
Assorted 4x4 filters

EX3 Remote zoom and focus
Lite Panels Croma LED Camera Light
Cartoni 2 Stage Tripod with Focus Fluid Head
Manfrotto Fluid Head Monopod
DVTec ENG Stabilizer Rig

Canon 7D (firmware 2.0)
Canon EF-S 17-55mm f2.8 IS USM
Canon EF 70-200mm f2.8 IS II
4 - 16 Gb CF Cards
(196 min. total record time)
Rode Videomic - Camera Mic


Panasonic LH-1710 17" HD Monitor
Panasonic LH-910GJ 9" HD Monitor
TV Logic VFW-056WP 6" HD Monitor


Sound Devices 442 4 Channel Audio Mixer
Sound Devices Mix Pre Audio Mixer
Sony Studio Monitor Headphones
Audio Breakaway Cable
Rode NTG-3 Shotgun Mic & Blimp
K Tek K-102CCR Carbon Fiber Boom Pole

Sennheiser MKE-2 Lavalier Mic (Hardwired)
Lectrosonics Wireless with Sennheiser MKE-2 Lavalier Mic
Sennheiser EW112-P G3 Wireless with MKE-2 Lavalier Mics
Marantz PMD661 Solid State Recorder
Assorted Audio cables and adapters


2 - Kino Flo Diva-Lite 400’s
Alzo 800W Daylight HID Light
1K Arrilite
650W Arri Fresnel
600W Arrilite Open Face
600W Lowel Omni
2 - 300W Arri Fresnels
2 - 150W Arri Fresnels
Set of Snoots for Arri 300

5 - Lindcraft 24" Faux Silk Chinese Lanterns
3 - 85W 3200K Fluorescent Lamps
3 - 85W 5600K Fluorescent Lamps
38" Flexfill (silver/white)
38" Flexfill (silk)
Assorted gels and diffusion

Chimera Small+ Light Bank Diffuser
2 - Chimera X- Small+ Light Bank Diffusers
(With Grid)
2 - Chimera XX- Small+ Light Bank Diffusers
(With Grid)
Chimera MicroLight Bank Diffuser
Chimera Medium Pancake Lantern
Chimera Mogal Base

* All lighting instruments include Scrim Sets, Barndoors and Chimera Speed Rings


Flag Set (2 Each: Solid, Single Net, Double Net)
4 - Cookie Patterns (Celo, Window, Blinds, Cucoloris)
2 – 42 X 42 Westcott Scrim Jim Frames
Fabrics for Scrim Jim:
Silver/White, ¾ Stop & 1 Stop Diffusion
6 - Manfrotto MiniMax Kit Light Stands
Avenger Combi-Boom Stand (Steel)
Avenger Combi-Boom Stand (Aluminum)
2 - Avenger 40” C-Stand with Head & Arm (Black)

2 - 50' Extension Cables (Edison)
3 - 25' Extension Cables (Edison)
3 - 25' Extension Cables with Triple Tap (Edison)
2 - 8' Extension Cables (Edison)
European Travel Adapters
Assortment of 220V Lamps for Lights
100 Watt 220V to 120V Power Inverter
Assorted Ground Lifts, Cube Taps, and Power Strips

2 - Avenger 30” C-Stand with Head (Chrome)
Matthews 30” C-Stand with Head & Arm (Chrome)
Avenger Boom Arm (Black)
Manfrotto Ajustable Backdrop Holder
Assorted Grip Hardware:
Interlinks, Mafers, Cardellini,
Scissor, and Spring Clamps
3 Bank Dimmer Box (600W per bank)
2 - Single Bank 1K Dimmer


Mac Pro 3.33 Ghz 6 – Core Intel Xeon
15” MacBook Pro 2.6 Ghz Intel Core i7
SxS to Thunderbolt Adapter

Apple Final Cut Studio 3
Adobe Creative Suite 5.5
Paragon NTFS Reader (read/write to PC drives)